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Fun Social Distancing Activities for Older Adults

Fun Social Distancing Activities for Older Adults

As the current pandemic changes the way we interact with other people, the senior living community is finding new ways to keep their residents socially engaged. At Emerald Haven, we are using creative ways to help our residents stay socially connected.

Whether your senior loved ones are living at home or in a residential assisted living facility, here are fun indoor activities that they will surely enjoy:

  • Virtual fitness class
    Staying indoors doesn’t mean seniors can just sit and sleep all day. They need to keep an active lifestyle to maintain their health and wellness. As part of our personal care assistance service, we organize virtual fitness classes to keep our residents physically fit.
  • Puzzles and board games
    Playing brain games is a great way for seniors to improve their memory and enhance their mental sharpness.
  • Movie night
    With proper social distancing in place, residents can watch the latest movies while enjoying a healthy snack.

These are just a few examples of social engagement that seniors can do during quarantine. Of course, our team of professional senior care providers practice strict sanitary protocols to protect your loved ones from infection as they help them with these activities.

Are you looking for a reliable provider of senior care in Indiana for your aging parents? Get in touch with us now!

Our assisted living in Kokomo, Indiana is perfect for seniors who need minimal assistance. We provide meal preparation, social activities, companionship care, and so much more. Talk to us and see if your loved one can join our community!

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