Physical Activity for Seniors’ Improved Mobility

Physical Activity for Seniors’ Improved Mobility

Aging adults who suffer from mobility issues can follow a carefully structured, moderate physical activity program that can help improve their condition. Many seniors, however frail, can reap a lot of benefits from regular physical activity. Even those residing in a senior living community can adopt these structured programs with the help of their caregivers. Our senior care in Indiana promotes physical activity as one of the many ways to improve seniors’ mobility.

As people get older, reduced mobility can raise the risk of disability, disease, and even death. A study funded by the NIH enrolled more than 1,600 adults who were aged 70 to 89 and were at risk for disability. The seniors were randomly assigned to either a moderate-intensity physical activity program or a health education program that was focused on successful aging. Over the course of the study, the seniors who followed the physical activity program were reported to have reduced risks of major mobility disability compared to those under the health education program. Participants under the physical activity program were better able to maintain their ability to walk without assistance. Seniors who are in a retirement living set-up can benefit from this, too, because different amenities for walking and other exercises are believed to be available for their use. Plus, the presence of other seniors can push one to become mobile as he is encouraged to follow their healthy lifestyle. Aside from this, independence is either retained or regained by the senior, making him or her need lesser personal care assistance.

As we respect and encourage each senior’s dignity and independence, we likewise provide personalized care from time to time. To know more about our services, call Emerald Haven today! We provide services for assisted living in Kokomo, Indiana.

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