Effective Ways to Prevent Isolation Among Seniors

Effective Ways to Prevent Isolation Among Seniors

Feelings of isolation is a significant problem among our senior loved ones. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, social isolation significantly increases the risk of premature death equal to the risk from smoking, obesity, and lack of physical activity. It also increases the risk for dementia by 50%.

Fortunately, you can help your senior loved ones from feeling isolated. Here are some of the more practicable ways we suggest you do so as a provider of senior care in Indiana at Emerald Haven.

  • Help them improve their mobility and balance
    This can range from helping them exercise to using adaptive aids such as canes and walkers. By helping them to improve their mobility and balance, you are also helping them improve their body image and physical health which could lead to opportunities for social interactions.
  • Address their health issues
    Common age-related issues such as hearing and vision difficulties as well as incontinence can make having conversations difficult and take a blow on their independence so make sure to address them. Getting them personal care assistance to make sure that their day-to-day routine is completed is also important especially if you are unable to ensure this yourself.
  • Consider a senior living community arrangement
    Our assisted living in Kokomo, Indiana, for instance, can offer them an instant community of their age and a warm-home like environment to stay in.
  • Provide them with events with a sense of purpose
    A sense of purpose can go a long way in making them feel not alone as this boosts their confidence and takes their mind off ruminating about their lost abilities.

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